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New & Used Band Saw Stock ListNew & Used CNC Router Stock List

Vogue Plastics Machinery carry a wide range of used machinery including CNC Routers (Belotti, Geiss, Maka, etc).

Belotti FLA 4018 CNC Router


Model:Belotti FLA 4018

Description:Lovely Belotti FLA 4018 5 axis cnc machine. Controller OAI 10/50, X 4000mm, Y 1800mm, Z 800mm, year 2004 - condition very good.

Machine Ref:cnc001

Geiss 2000 x 1000 CNC Router


Model:Geiss 2000 x 1000

Description:Geiss 5 axis cnc with additional tool for saw blade, siemens 840 c controller, trim size 2000 x 1000

Machine Ref:cnc003

Huber & Grimme HG1400 CNC Router

Manufacturer:Huber & Grimme

Model:Huber & Grimme HG1400

Description:CNC 5 axis router, year 1995, condition: good, available March 2015

Machine Ref:cnc002

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